World Poultry Congress 2022

Well after a two year hiatus the World Poultry Congress did not disappoint. The conference was held from the 7-11th八月在法國巴黎,自第一次國會以來的第二天近100年。超過2500人能夠親自參加,許多其他人加入了網上。會議於周日開始,探索為什麼水是可持續營養的關鍵,突出了水質在均衡的家禽飲食中的重要性。188宝金博 ios下载本屆會議當然開始了代表的一些很好的討論,因為許多人從未將水視為家禽營養和健康中的關鍵要素。188宝金博 ios下载演講還強調了垃圾質量和可持續性的重要性。接下來的幾天是全體會議和並發會議的混合。一項福利會議強調了挑戰,但我們在家禽部門的機會不僅可以改善福利,而且還與之相關的對話。188宝金博 ios下载

188宝金博 ios下载家禽中心澳大利亞was able to showcase our Virtual Chicken resource and finally launch the App. Users of the Oculus VR can now purchase the VR App for enjoyment on their device. The feedback on our VR Chickens was fantastic, as was the entire education session where it was presented. The exhibitions hall enabled colleagues to catch up, and for new meetings and discussions to be had. There was also a live radio/TV booth that was hosting interviews and discussions on hot topics in the poultry sector. Lastly, the conference was home to many poster presentations that were housed electronically on TV screens, enabling delegates to search posters and read the ones they were most interested in. As the conference presentations were all recorded, delegates are able to watch any session online till the end of this year. At the conclusion of the conference the committee announced that the next World Poultry Congress will be held in Toronto, Canada, July 12-16 2026.

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